Seed Kotetsu 29 fret guitar


This time, we will introduce you the feature of Seed Kotetsu that is the signature model of Shin Ohmura.

He is the guitarist of WaggakiBand and guitar & vocal of m:a.ture.



1.What’s Seed?

Seed is our brand for the student of the guitar and bass.

It has many ideas from the artists using our instruments.

The design & specification are directed by the artists.

There are mass produced at the trusted factory that we trust in China.

We realize the reasonable price.


To reproduce the detail spec. of the artist model,

we discuss carefully with prototype.


When the goods are arrived at our factory, our staffs inspect one by one at a time.





2.839mm scale, 29 fret

This long neck is the most feature point of Seed Kotetsu.



This enables a six string guitar to have Low-B tuning on the low string and it has a unique sound that you have never heard before.

Mr. Shin Ohmura (WaggakiBand: Mr. Machiya) uses low range guitar sound a lot to create hard sound especially in WaggakiBand.

He sticks to the tension and the sound of Low-B strings.

The advantage to cover the low range sound of 7 strings guitar by this “839mm scale” of 6 strings guitar is able to play same code form of normal 6 strings guitar.




If you change from normal 6 strings guitar to multi strings, you pay attention to mute for not hitting strings and learn code form for 7 strings guitar.

But in case of the scare: 839mm adopted Seed Kotetsu, you can play same code form for 6 strings guitar when you use lower sound.


For example, it can sound F#m7 at this code form.




And you can choice replacement parts(Pickups, Bridge etc.) for the general six strings guitar.

In case of the multi strings guitar, the selection is limited.

However Seed Kotetsu can be customized with various guitar parts.



We suppose some of you feel that it is difficult to play this guitar with the long neck.

We can solve the problem.


When the Seed Kotetsu is mounted a capotasto (sold separately) at the 5th fret,

you can play as the general guitar that has the scale length “628mm & 24 fret”.



3. 3 kinds of pickups

Shin Ohmura’s idea

“Once live performance with only one guitar”


This pickup layout is considered by Mr. Shin Ohmura.





3-1. Neck PU: P-90 Type Soap bar

Strong low-mid & creamy sound.

This mellow sound is good match to Jazz and Blues etc..


3-2. Middle PU: ST Type Single coil

Sharp tone & fast response.

This crisp sound is good match to strumming and slap etc..

And output volume of this pickup is a little lower than other two pickups.


3-3. Neck PU : Twin-rail Type Humbucker

Deep & biting sound in driving.

You will associate metal hard sound when the Low-B is sounded.

Please check the demonstration movie of Seed Kotetsu that Shin Ohmura plays.





4.Change to the wood material of finger board

The wood material of the finger board is changed to Pau Ferro from rosewood at this time.



The sound character is near to rosewood.

*The body material is basswood and the neck material is maple. There is not any change from first spec.



5.From arrival at our factory to reach you

Seed brand guitars & basses are arrived in the state of set up.

We will introduce the inspection of the Seed brand goods at our factory.

At first, we take contents from a carton and check them that there are any missing items or not.



We look around the appearance of guitars.


Next, we inspect each section.

Seed Kotetsu has special specification and a lot of check point.

We adjust tuning without lock nut.



This first tuning is most important because Floyd Rose FRTS is adapted for the bridge of Seed Kotetsu.




We adjust the turning from the lowest 6th string to highest 1st string.

If the turning is continuing not collect, we adjust spring on the body back.





We look for the equable point between the tension of the guitar strings and the tension of the spring.


After completed tuning, we check warpage of the neck.

In case of general adjustment of neck, we look at the clearance holding 1st fret and last fret.

In addition to Seed Kotetsu, we also check the clearance holding 5th fret and last fret.



We also check mounted capotasto on 5th fret to play the general guitar of regular tuning carefully.

We check to sound each pickup switching with toggle switch.





And we check the function of volume control & tone control exactly.

There is not any problems by the process, we attach the lock nut and adjust the tuning by fine tuner.


At last, we clean up grime on the body and neck carefully.




We always inspect and adjust one by one carefully that people who are getting start to play the guitar can enjoy without any anxiety.




That’s all for this time. We hope enjoy good time.

Seed Kotetsu is new selection of six string guitars, able to produce a tight, low tone.

We are looking forward to taking “Seed Kotetsu” from now on.


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