Sago’s Manufacturing

When I was child, I interested in manufacuturing so I was absorbed in disassembling and assembling various things.

In that case, I sometimes don’t notice even if my name is called, and one day, when my friend called “Satoshi!”
But I didn’t reply.
One day, my friend called me “Sagoshi!”in dialect accent, I noticed.
That’s why my nickname is “Sago”

Eventually, I want to be a popular and started playing the guitar in the third year of junior high school.
When I became a high school student, I wanted to form a band and become a professional.
After entering a vocational school, I was overwhelmed by the high level.
So I got a job at a car parts shop because I liked it.
The days of chasing sales earnestly … At that time, I reunited with my former bandmates.
Once again … I really aimed to become a professional
In those days, I met a guitar craft man of a certain guitar brand.
“Manufacturing” ― what I was attracted about.
I was fascinated but I still wondered be a professional musician.

Materials and Tools

The craftsman’s company suddenly collapsed. Many special tools and materials are left. “If you want to use, I give you all.” So I got various materials and tools for his kindness. I tried fix my guitar with those special tools. Sometimes I dismantled my friends old guitar. I was absorbed in modifying the guitar in my room every day. I felt the same emotion as when I was little. Such a story began to be transmitted within the my friends and they brought me their guitar to fix or remodeling. Recalling what the craftsman used to do, I faced the materials and tools in front of me while trying and erroring all the tools and materials. I came to feel that it was a time of bliss. Around that time, it seemed easy to give up on the path to becoming a professional musician.

Brand name “Sago”

When the number of requests for guitar repairs began to increase little by little, “Please make original guitar for wedding present.”
Such a request came in, and I desperately worked on making a guitar.
That’s my first Sago’s work.

I stayed up all night for three days.
When I was working with my drowsy head, I was broken the guitar’s head design.
“But, it is not bad!”
Looking back now, I believe that this moment was” God gives me a chance to make my original brand”.
My original brand, what name should I use?
After pondering, I came up.
” I should respect self-assertion mind “
(Maybe it’s won’t become famous)
So I choosed the “Sago” ,my childhood nickname as my original brand’s name.

Guitars for you

After ten years over, I still love making guitar.
And I am working with spirit of challenge and unconventional ideas.

What do you look for in a guitar?
Bass sounds?
High sounds?
The sound of chords?
Harmony with other instruments?

Please tell me all.

I would like to work with you to make your own guitar that you want.

Sago New Material Guitars
CEO Satoshi Takayama