Regular color

These are our regular colors.

Click on the name.


Custom color

We prepare the color that you like based on the graphics, object and color sheet etc..

You are requested to bring the real color sample to be the higher appearance.
It’s necessary to add a fee for custom color.



It is the best painting material of the vivid color because of having the high clear character and glossy one. It’s not affected by temperature and humidity, it’s crack resistant and long lasting. It’s excellent to protect xylem.
Original Wrapping finish is only available for urethane.

Thin film

It is a very ultra thin coating using half mat of urethane coating material. It is possible to paint color and metallic keeping the tone and texture of wood material. It is lighter than usual one when it is completed.


This is the paint material that has the special deep polish.It is possible to enjoy the change of the past year that is turning yellow and whether check.
Surface is going to be thin because it is volatile dry.
It is getting dry gradually?after the?completion.

Thin lacquer

It’s an ultra thin coating using lacquer coating material. It will appear whether check or pooling off the paints earlier than normal lacquer. You can enjoy additional charm similar to vintage instruments in the short term.

Oil finish

Oil finish is making use of original woods for the looks, touch and quality of tone. It’s necessary to take care for change of humidity and scratch & grime because there is no coating film.
But the advantage point of oil finish is to sound clear.


We can paint separately at the body top, side and back.And also we can print the band logo and your original logo.