Sago Factory is in Amagasaki city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.
We have an open factory.

Choice of Wood Material

It’s necessary to choose the wood material for the music instruments.
We choose it good condition for drying and wood-taking without twisting and cracking.
We stock the top grade wood that has beautiful grain from the reliable place.

If you come to our factory, you can select the wood materials after watch it.
We can send you photos by e-mail or Sago official LINE if it’s difficult to come to us.


We are doing various woodworking.
And you can order a lot of kinds of customs in “Semi-order”.

Please refer to the samples as under.
If you have the custom that you want,?please let us know.






There is the original shape that you want and you can choose our model shape.

In case of original shape, if you send the image, Ai data, reference photo etc., we design based on it.
After that, we send “the illustration of preconception” and you can confirm it.

【Body Shape】

【Shape of joint】

The shape of the cutaway effects performance at high position.


The difference of proceeding body edge will change the looking impression of looks and fitting to body and playability.



Fingerboard is not flat but curved mildly.
The higher number is curved more gently.

 7.5inch = 185mm

 9.5inch = 240mm

 10inch = 255mm

 12inch = 305mm

 14inch = 355mm

Neck shape

 Regular shape12F / Thickness
Guitar 23.5mm
Bass 24mm
1F / Thickness




Conical Radius

Each string fits at the fingerboard that is proceeded conical considering stringed radially.
So that way, it can eliminate the difference of neck bowing at each string in case of regular radius.
So it has less difference of the strings height between low position and high position
As a result, it is easy to set a low height of strings at any position.


We can produce long scale, medium scale, long scale, super long scale and irregular scale.

Quantity of fret

You can select not only general quantity of fret but also your requested quantity of fret.

Neck binding

At the same as the body, it changes the impression of the instrument to install binding around the neck.

You can choose various colors and patterns for example white, vintage white, black, ivory, brown tortoiseshell, white pearl, black pearl and vintage pearl.

We can produce laminate binding like Les Paul custom and natural binding by painting.

【 Position Mark 】

We can produce original designs from the handwriting illustration out of standard position mark.
Material – resin, shellfish, LED, Liminlay


【Change of parts】

It’s basically possible to change and bring parts.
In case of “Semi-Order” if the shape of parts is different from standard products, “Special design” would be required.

Original pickups

We use our original brand L(x) pickups as the standard specification.

【Other changes】

If you have any trouble to choose the wood material or custom,

What’s the best combination for your ideal instrument ?
Please find the instruments for your reference.

Custom order has a lot of flexibility.
Even if there is no mention here, please talk to us.
It’s alright if you have any questions.

We will apply your ideal plan.