Order Made

How to order

First of all, let’s talk about “favorite musicians” and “the first guitar you bought” without any hesitation.?
Please tell us a lot about your ideal “made-to-order guitar”. We also like musical instruments and are serious about making your memorable one.
If you have any difficulty to choose, please contact us at first. We will be able to suggest the best way with the experience a lot that we have seen so many guitars and basses.

Meeting & Spec. Sheet

This chapter is the most important to order.
It’s obvious at first glance in the sheet, you can select wood materials, parts, colors & detailed proceeding in custom order.

Please download as under and you can input in the order sheet yourself.
When you send it by LINE, e-mail or FAX, we will estimate the price.

Full order

・Model, Image (Rough drawing etc.)
・Choice of the wood materials
・Choice of the parts
・Favorite setting

We call “Full order” at Sago in case of the “Special design”.
In case of original shape like this, we will design based on the rough drawing that you design by yourself and reference photos.
After you order formally, we will make”prostected illustration” to get a higher accomplishment at the instrument.You can confirm it.


・Our Model you want
・Change point from the model

It’s alright if you decide 3 points. Please talk to us.
We will make order sheet with your request and estimate the amount.

If you decide each point, we will estimate the amount based on your order sheet. If you satisfy the price, we would like you to sign up to confirm the specifications and payment.
After firm order, we cannot accept the changement nor cancellation.

Payment options

【Remittance in cash】all at once or two times when you order a half and the rest at completion.
【Credit card】Frequency depends on the credit card you use.
【Paypal】all at once

Terms of product

semi-order… about 4 month
Full order… about 6 month
However, it will take time shorter or longer depends on order and product situation.

Q. Let me know the basic price of order.
A. You can order from JPY296,000.- including TAX. (style T/Thin Lacquer)
The price will be changed depending on the parts, color, painting method and options.(custom color or custom grip)
Price List

Q. Is it possible to make the instruments based on illustration that I draw?
A. Of course we can do it. In case of original shape, after the firm order, we will have closed meeting in advance of produce. It’s not need to have special knowledge but you need to have the handwriting rough design. We will make the illustration based on yours and you can confirm the design that you want.
You can get nice guitar & bass with your flexible conception.

Q. It it difficult to decide the desing because of so many options.Can I change it after order?
A. Basically, we do not accept your change.?We need to order the parts, color and we have a product schedule.It bothers you but you can order the details because you have so many choices. But please us know your desire.It might be possible to change them depending on the timing of your asking.


If you want made-to-order, we can make the guitar that you want woodworking, shape, scale and arrangement of pickups, etc.. You also add LED and inlay.You can bring your obsessiveness to the instrument.

Of course “Full-Order ” and also “Semi-Order” have so many choices for custom. Please let us know your favorite idea.



This is important to give the fist impression of the instrument.
We have “Regular color” and ” Custom Color”.We are preparing so many choice.
We can make the color that you want in custom.

And also we can put original logo and illustration to the instrument with print or painting.

Set up

If you have requested setting or change of the spec., please inform us early at the time of make Spec. Sheet.

【 Parts 】

We use our original brand: L(x) pickups to our model as standard specification.

It’s possible to change or bring your requested pickups.
In case it is different from our products with size and standardized products,
when we put on the parts, we need to have a special design.

【 Strings 】

We set guitar & bass strings ” ELIXIR” in Sago.

It’s possible to change or bring your favorite strings.
In case of multi strings model or multi scare model, we need detail of strings length and gauge.

【 Set up 】

Please let us know if you hope your favorite strings height and floating of tremolo unit.

We can set up your instrument to play as the professional quality in many stages and long time of recording. Our instruments get the high play ability to support the player’s making tone in any place. The set up is carried out to you specific requirements, in particular your preferred action for your own style of playing.

Completion and Delivery.

It takes a certain time after your order but we will support your “Guitar Life” for a long time.

It’s important to do maintenance it everyday because the guitars and basses are made of natural wood.
We are looking forward to meeting your instruments that played a lot to our factory for maintenance.

It is small present.But we will you the disc that we take some photos during making and completion and “Fret Guard” that protects fingerboard when you keep it.
“Fret Guard” is only for 6 strings guitar and 4 strings bass.

Q. I live in far away from your factory.I can not take instrument.
A. We can send it to your house putting in the case with hard cardboard box. (Free sending fee in domestic.)
you request receive at our factory, you can try to play there and?
In case you want to come here to take the instrument, you can examine it here and we can adjust with your favorite setting.