Carbon Neck

We have adapted the carbon for the neck material as new material thanks to the cooperation with “Sumimaru guitar” that produces all carbon acoustic guitar.

There are instruments with carbon material but it is only made in foreign countries .
Sago has succeeded the first in Japan to produce electric guitars and basses with the domestic carbon material.

It is not to be awkward and cold sound, it is creatived with the method of the grill.

The neck is designed hollow structure to sound softly like wood material.

The weight of the carbon neck is not so different from the wood one.
And also there is not too different to hold the instrument and feeling when you grip the neck.

Please try to play our instruments with the carbon material instead of the wood material that is exhausted and escalating its price.


It is possible to keep the best condition of the neck for playing that is unaffected by the change of the climate.

In the case of the wood material, neck has the possibility to be bent due to the wood absorbs and spits up the humidity after completion as the instrument.

Thermo wood is dry artificially so it can withstand the change in environment absolutely. 
But there is no possibility that its neck never be bent.

The greatest feature point is to keep the best condition of the neck that is set at once without such as the afraid.
And truss rod is installed same as the wood neck.

It is possible to adjust the strings height and the situation of the neck(straight, a little forward bow).
We adapt the stainless fret to increase stiffness for the neck.

Also we adapt “Liminlay” that s luminous material for the side position mark.


①Hard Maple
②Light Thermo Maple

We have compared these three neck materials in same pickup position, phrase and playing technique.



Please check the actual sounds on our YouTube channel.
We think that the Carbon neck is flat sound against the wood neck and sound uniformly.

【Recording situation】
Bass sound is recorded by Line (DI) and miking on the amp of SWR in our factory and blended both sounds.
6 Strings guitar sound is recorded with 3 microphones on the amp of Jazz Chorus(JC-40) in our factory.
7 strings guitar is recorded by Line (DI) and miking Sound by BIAS AMP2 to sound Clean and Deep Drive.

Please check them as the comparing information of the actual sound when you consider the custom order.

Important point

We receive the custom order subject to the limited specification as under due to the production of the carbon neck.

【6 strings Guitar】
Radius: 9.5 inch
Scale: 648mm 
Flet: 22F (JEACAR #47095)
※It is adapted Sago “Classic Style S” and Sago “Sonia” as standard specification.

【7 strings Guitar】
Radius: 16 inch
Scale: 648mm 
Flet: 24F (JESCAR #57110)
※It is adapted Sago “Ymir7” as standard specification.

Radius: 9.5 inch
Scale: 864mm 
Flet: 21F
It is adapted Sago “Ove” and “Tabuchi MK-II” as standard specification. It is possible to be jointed Sago “Classic Style J4”.

※Custom Grip, scale except of the above, addition of the fret and change of the head shape are not available in our custom order.

※It is possible to add the dot position mark on the fingerboard additional costs JPY10,000.- but custom inlay is not available in our custom order.

※Regarding the limitation for the specification of the neck, when you choose the carbon neck in our custom order, it might be necessary to discuss the total specification of the guitars and basses.