Company nameSago new material guitars
Address4-15-8 1f south side, Nishitachibana-cho, Amagasaki city, Hyogo Japan 660-0054
President and CEOSatoshi Takayama
Selling priceSelling price
Payment optionsRemittance in cash all at once or two times when you order a half and the rest at completion.
Credit card…Frequency depends on the credit card you use.
Paypal…all at once
・お買上金額が合計1万円以上の場合 無料です。(日本国内のみ)
・お買上金額が合計1万円未満の場合 別途送料が500円かかります。(日本国内のみ)(離島除)

Terms of productsemi-order… about 4 month
Full order… about 6 month
However, it will take time shorter or longer depends on order and product situation.
About CancellationAfter the signing in the order sheet as for the pro-forma invoice and paid for it, you cannot cancel with any case because it is made to order.
About ReturnIt is not acceptable to return and cancel.
However, it is possible to take care for the bad beginning,if it is filled the terms as below.
・ The breakage or defective product in our company.
・ The different products are reached from your order.
In case it is filled with the above 2 terms and you touch us within 7 days after it reaches.
If there are any bad points in case of emergency or breakage on the way to you, please inform us by e-mail or our official LINE as soon as possible.
We accept it on the day that your contact (e-mail or LINE message) is reached to our mail server.

Please refer to Guarantee Regulations for other matter.→ Guarantee Regulations
Privacy policyWe have never used personal information that is known due to the business with the exception of customer management, shipment and reference to credit company and the other Financial institution.
We store personal information under the severe management.
However if the request from the court, police, custom information center or the agency that has the authority based on these, we will disclose the information according to this.
CopyrightException of our permission in specially, all or a part of information on the website opened to the public on our online-shop must not be copied or distributed any form? without our permission on documents in advance.