Guarantee Regulations

Warranty Provisions

In the unlikely event that the product breaks down under the normal usage conditions of the customer, we will repair the defective part in accordance with the following regulations.
Please contact us or the store where you purchased the product with the store name, seal, and warranty card with the due date.

The following cases are not covered by the warranty.

*If you do not show the warranty card.
*If you cannot confirm the name, seal, and date of the store where you purchased this product.
*If the certificate is corrected or not filled in without the approval of the store where you purchased it.
*In case of failure or damage due to improper handling such as dropping or impact during transportation after purchase.
*In case of failure or damage due to fire, earthquake, wind and flood damage, lightning strike, other natural disasters, pollution, salt damage, etc.
*In the case of malfunction or damage due to misuse, failure received from other machines, or improper repair or modification. *Consumable parts and paint are not covered by the warranty.The light bulb may burn out due to the influence of static electricity.
*LED burnout is not covered by the warranty.

Warranty Period

The warranty period is 5 years from the date of purchase.
Even after the warranty period has expired, we will support your music life for many years.
Please contact us!

Other Notes

*If we determine that the electrical system or hardware is initially defective, we will replace or repair it free of charge for 6 months from the date of purchase stated on the warranty card.
*The warranty covers only the guitar and bass itself.
*The warranty is valid only in Japan
*The warranty card cannot be transferred to another person.
*The warranty card will not be reissued, so please keep it in a safe place.
*The warranty guarantees free repair under the conditions and conditions shown in this manual. Therefore, this warranty does not limit your legal rights, so please contact us if you have any questions about repairs after the warranty period has expired.

Order Rule(Return and Cancellation)

1.About Return

It is not acceptable to return and cancel.

However, it is possible to take care for the bad beginning, if it is filled the terms as below.

*The breakage or defect product in our company.
*The different products are reached from your order.
*In case it is filled with the above 2terms and you touch us within 7days after it reaches.

In the following cases, it will not be possible to return the item.
*If it has been more than 7 days since the item arrived.
*If you lose something that came with your product.
*Returns at your convenience
*When the customer scratches or stains.
*If your negligence causes dirt or scratches

If there are any bad points in case of emergency or breakage on the way to you, please inform us by e-mail or our official LINE as soon as possible.

If you cannot contact us by phone outside our business hours, please contact us by fax or e-mail.

We accept it on the day that your contact(E-mail or LINE message) is reached to our mail server.


After the signing in the order sheet as for the pro-forma invoice and paid for it, you cannot cancel with any case because it is made to order.
However, it is possible from the start of production (after confirmation of payment) to before shipping the product. In that case, please note that a cancellation fee of 50% of the product price will be charged.
Please contact us in case of cancellation.


After the item arrives from the customer, we will check the condition of the item and only if it is approved, we will bear the return fee and refund the item price. However, we will only accept items that are contacted within 7 days after the item arrives. In addition, we cannot guarantee any damages other than the main body due to the order.


There might be a possibility of the different color from the order due to monitor circumstance and print.
The graphics are just only the images.
We accept only the obvious mistake of the reception of the order(in case “White” product delivered in spite of the “Black” )
And also every wood has different grain and figure so we cannot accept the claim of the difference of the grain.
It will appear the tiny difference of the contrast and gradation because of “All hand making”.

The quality standards of our product are based on the original Sago New Material Guitars quality.

Refunds and cancellations will be handled after delivery, after the target product arrives at our company, and after inspection at our company under any circumstances.

Privacy Policy

Personal information obtained in the course of business will never be used for any purpose other than our customer management business, product shipping business, credit card company, and other financial institution inquiry business.
Personal information will be stored under strict control.

However, if requested by the court, police, consumer center, or an organization with similar authority, we will disclose the information accordingly.