Thermo Wood

Thermo Wood

“Thermo Wood” is a technique invented in Finland.

Adopting a unique high temperature with over 200 degrees Celsius, which usually burns wood, the wood get high stability because the hygroscopy decreases.

We has been innovated Thermo Wood to the musical instruments ahead of the world.
We met the technology of “Thermo Wood Treatment” and have been using it since the summer 2008 with big interest.
Thanks to cooperation with so many musicians and company concerned, we have received precious opinions and impressions.?
And we could release it at the Musical Instruments Fair at Tokyo in 2009.

We examined the “Thermo Wood treatment” for the various woods repeated the test.
We use the “Maple” for the neck material and “Alder” for the body material.

We use the “Thermo Wood” each model.


It’s not too much to say that the wood with the thermo treatment is completely different from the before one.
It is born as the new material.It can get high stability because of lucking of the nutrition and water in wood.But on the other hand, we feel stickness and strength are down and easy to frail.
Please take care for falling down or tumble to prevent the breakage with careless.


It becomes calm tone that is aged and mellowed in sound.
You can play comfortably because it has a nice balance and unity of chord.
When you plugin the amplifier directly, you can experience the natural compression and the air feeling.

And also we think that it goes well with digital technology like digital AMP, digital pedal-effect and DAW plugin there days.
In the beginning of the completion of musical instruments, their sound tends to be hard.
So it might be a little difficult to handle.But the tone becomes adjusting because each part is calm by playing for a long time.
That is nice but you can decrease the difficulties of the using it from the beginning.

Wood material

Thermo Maple

The most advantageous point is not to be affected by the temperature and humidity.
So we can decrease the possibility to bend or twist.
It cannot decrease the curve of the neck with the power of the stretch of the strings.
It will be easy to keep the better condition of the neck than the plain maple.

Thermo Alder

The best merit of thermo treatment for the body is to be instrument lighter.
Everyone has the ones taste of the sound.
But we are sure that everyone wants to get the big merit that is the lighter instrument in live performance.

“Dark” and “Light”

We prepare 2 kinds of Thermo Wood material “Dark” and “Light” that are proceeded by the different temperatures.
In case of high temperature “Dark”, it is higher stability but it is rather fragile.
In case of low temperature “Light”, it is not higher stability than “Dark” but it is not so fragile with woods natural stickness.
At present, we use “Light” that is a nicer balance for the sound, weight and strength unless you have no request in order.