Various Thermo Wood

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Speaking of Thermo Wood, Sago is well known.
We have been ordered by a lot of players including Sago Artists who wants to get the Guitars & Basses using Thermo Wood.

But do you know the character of Thermo wood in case it is used with Neck or Body?
Are you interested in what kind of Thermo Wood are there?

This time, we will introduce you the various Thermo Wood that we didn’t tell you before.

1. What is Thermo Wood?

It’s processing technique invented from Northern European, Finland.
It makes wood in non-oxygen, and in avidity with 200 degress Celsius, so it gives the transformation as if it passed many years by artificial way.

Originally, thermo processing is the technique in the field of furniture or construction.
Using this technique, it decreases the percent of hydrate and increases the insulation.

The Thermo Wood is uniform quality to the core because it is not easy to get the influence of moisture of the air and temperature.

And thermo proceeding needs only heat and water.
It is harmless to human body and environment, it doesn’t need any special equipment at the time of processing.

We are interested in applying this technique to the guitars and basses with this merit.
Therefore Sago has been innovated Thermo Wood to the musical instrument ahead of of the world since 2009.

Trees for making good musical instrument are decreasing year by year but thank to this special technique, we can make the nicer musical instrument.

2. Feature in case of using Thermo Wood for neck material

The wood material thermo proceeded loses unnecessary water & cellulose, it becomes very dry.
That why the size of the wood is not changed it gives the less spring or crooking, using Thermo Wood to the neck.

It’s suite for the good neck condition in the hard changes of the 4 seasons and humidity such as Japan.
It would be a wonderful things for the musician, you can concentrate the performance in the hard environment at whole country in Japan and overseas performance.

Using the thermo processing to the neck gives stable pitch and less dead point.
Sago adapts regularly “Thermo Maple”for neck material of Classic-Style Series like type of Jazz Bass or Stratocaster.

You will know the difference with Thermo Wood if you play the guitar or bass that is standard spec. except neck material.

3. Feature in case of using Thermo Wood for Body material

You can get the extra tone like vintage guitar if you play the guitar that is made of thermo processed body.
It gives transformation and stability as if it passed many years by artificial way.

You will know its sound evenly and steadily from the low tone to high tone because the body turns easy to swing with thermo processing.

If you don’t want to have the vintage tone, it would be your special acoustic tone that the Thermo Wood only has.

Sago adapts the alder wood for the body with thermo proceeding.
This “Thermo Alder”is adapted for Sago’s Concept Model or “Arxi”,“Moxino”of Ximera*.

*Ximera is collaboration brand of Sonic & Sago.

4. Care point

It would be soft sound under thermo proceeding that becomes less component of attack.
If you want to get sharp tone, we will not recommend you it.

And you need think the color Thermo Wood has in case of see-thought as under.

“Half Thermo Maple” that thermo proceeded is shallow was added to our line up of the neck material since 2017.

It has original character of normal wood and feature of Thermo Wood.

It is important to choose combination of the wood material and parts when you decide the guitar tone.
We are waiting for your questions and its details.

5. Comparison of weight

We try comparing the weight with the mill end of the neck material.

There are ① Thermo Maple(upper), ② Half Thermo Maple (middle) and ③ Normal Maple (under).

Measurement:173(L)× 35(W)× 20(H)

①Thermo Maple: 77.0g
②Half Thermo Maple: 79.1g
③Normal Maple: 87.5g

①Thermo Maple is about 12.0% lighter and ②Half Thermo Maple is about 9.6% lighter than ③Normal Maple.

If you hold the guitar or bass that is made of Thermo Wood, you will feel it lighter than your imagining in spite of same shape and size.
The lighter Thermo Wood will help you when you perform hard stage action in live and you need to play for long time in recording, rehearsal.

6. Postscript

That is all for time.

We believe you know the great point of Thermo Wood that keeps good condition and Acoustic tone, lighter weight, tasteful dark brown color.
Please try playing Sago’s Guitars and Basses with Thermo Wood in Japan.