Stem Ove

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We have started “Stem”  as new brand of Sago from March 2019.
This “Stem” brand is between Sago and Seed in price.

The meaning of “Stem” that we named is branch as the step up the grown up branch from the “Seed”.
In the future, we hope you will order the instrument from “Sago” with the idea and imagery of “Seed” & “Stem”.

And we have released Stem Ove4 as the first model.
This time, we will introduce you about Stem Ove4 in detail.

1. Wood materials & wood working

The basic design of Stem is same as Sago because we would like you to take Sago’s original Concept Model more reasonable.

Ove has slim body so it’s lighter than usual Jazz Bass.
You will know it is easier to take around when you change it actually.

It will help you in any situation at the stage with aggressive live performance or at the recording studio for a long time.

The slim neck of C shape is similar as general Jazz Bass.
We design it to play more comfortable even if female bassist whose hands is small.

The wood material of the body is Alder2P, the neck is Hard Maple and finger board is Rosewood, that the selection of wood materials is same as general Jazz Bass.
But we adapt the top grade materials for  Stem same as Sago.

The wood working for Stem is outsourced by our partner company in Japan.
The specification is limited and we can mass-produce with the reasonable price.

2.”Liminlay” for the side position mark

This is a common point of the guitars and basses of Sago and Stem.
We adapt “Liminlay” that is luminous material for the side position mark.

It takes in the illumination light and become luminous on the side position mark when it gets dark.
It assists you to see the position and play precisely in case of the dark situation on stage.

It’s not strong light like LED therefore it’s glad point to be easy to the eyes.
We adapt the blue 2.5mm are for Stem Ove4.

3. Lighter Peg (Tuner)

The tuner is GB528 made in Gotoh same as Sago ver..

This is smaller and lighter than general peg and the accuracy of the turning is high.
We have the confidence of it.


4. Pickups

Stem mounts LJB1 of L(x) series that is the pickup brand produced by Sago.


We order to make the partner company based on the special Sago’s recipe.

Thanks to Alnico5 magnet, its sound has high response.
When playing by finger, the sound is heard clearly.

You can feel the strong low sound to support an ensemble and its shape tone that is feature of single coil pickup in slap style or pick playing.
The special Sago’s wood cover cover puts on the LJB1.

To feel the good touch, it is more widely than a general plastic cover.
And and when you put on your thumb on it, it can hold tightly because we shape the conner rounded carefully.

5. Control

Stem Ove4 is passive style.
The controls are simply Master Volume, Pickup Balancer, Master Tone and Hum Switch.

General Jazz Bass has almost 2 Volume controls but it’s a little inconvenient to adjust the volume with arbitrary balance by 2 Volume controls.

It’s possible to adjust the volume keeping the balance when the sound is made in favor of the neck pickup or the bridge pickup by Master Volume and Pickup Balancer.

And you can select series or parallel circuit in one action by Hum Switch.

In series circuit, you can get the powerful low-middle tone keeping its shape tone.

And also the volume increases a little.
The parallel circuit is in playing rhythm bass guitar and the series circuit is in playing solo bass if you like.

And when series circuit is selected, Pickup Balancer has no function at any position.
Master Volume and Master Tone are only available. The sound making is simple and various.

By the way, the sound character is more natural than “Sago Ove” that has active circuit with 2 band Equalizer(LOW/HIGH).


The bridge of Stem Ove4 is located weighty Gotoh 201B-4.
This creates long sustain to close to the power of “Sago Ove” that is active style.

*Vintage Bridge made in Hipshot is adapted for Sago Ove.

7.Color and Pickguard

The specification of Stem is limited but you can choose the color and pickguard at regular lineup that is important point of your originality.
We line up standard solid color and our Original Wrap Nakid Finish.

This Wrap Nakid Finish is different from our normal Original Wrap Finish.
You can enjoy the dynamic design that remains the bumpy when a wrap is peeled off.

*Custom color is subject to negotiation. It might be needed additional cost for making color sample or its proceeding.

Body: Thin Film / Neck: Thin Film¥264,000
Body: Wrap Nakid / Neck: Wrap Nakid¥275,000


That’s all for time. How do you feel?

We paint and set up at our factory.
You need not worry about the quality because our Sago’s stuffs set up one of each carefully to play for a long time.

And the GIG case that is tough and convenient to carry around belongs to the instrument of Stem.

We are planning to release other Concept Model except for Ove from “Stem”.

“Stem” was born from the idea of our stuffs, the dealers and the musicians using our instruments of Sago & Seed.
We are looking forward to taking “Stem” from now on.