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We will explain “Seed Derashi Custom”  that is the artist model for Derashi of 4 pieces rock band : HUMBREADERS.
Derashi is bassist of 4 pieces rock band : HUMBREADERS.

1.What is Seed Derashi Custom?

Seed is our brand for the student of the guitar and bass.
It has idea from the artists that use our instruments.

The design & specification are directed by the artists. 
It is manufactured in quantity at our trusted factory in China.
It reached the reasonable price.

To reproduce the detail spec. of the artist model, we discuss carefully with prototype.
After the products are arrived at our factory, our staffs inspect one at a time.

On the day of arrival the products, Derashi has checked the play ability as the final inspection.

2.Fanned fret

The greatest feature of this model is Fanned fret.

Fanned Fret is the design that the frets are placed fanwise to adjust the appropriate scale according to the strings gauge.

Bass strings is thicker than guitar strings and there are deference of the thickness of each strings.

Also, the thicker the string, the tighter the tension, and the thinner the string, the looser the tension, so there is inevitably a variation in tension for each string.

So the lowest string is the longest scale and the highest string is shortest scale.
This design can decrease the difference of the tension of the each string and sound good balance.

The highest string(Open Strings Tuning(OST from next): “G”) is 32inch.
The other strings are added on 0.75 inch each to lower strings,

OST: “D” is 32.75inch, OST: “A” is 33.5inch and
OST:“E” is 34.25inch.
This scale design is same as Sago ver.

It’s not necessary to think difficult playing this bass that has special appearance.

The fan-shaped arrangement of the frets conforms to the shape of the hand, allowing for more natural playing, such as octave techniques, string jumping, and chord playing on the high frets.

3.Thermo-wood neck

The neck is to touch longest time in playing bass.
And the neck condition changes the play abilit the instrument greatly.

The thermo-wood (light thermo maple) for the neck material is a special heat treatment that forces the wood to dry, thereby reducing the wood’s tendency to absorb and exhale moisture.

This reduces the effects of humidity changes due to the four seasons in Japan, and also reduces warping (bending) of the neck.
*However, since it is wood, it does not mean that the neck will not warp completely.

The tendency of the sound of thermo-wood is to have a moderately angular nuance, which softens the hardness of the sound characteristic of new instruments.

Please check the under YouTube video that is comparison of the neck materials between thermo wood, non-thermo material (hard maple) and carbon.


The pickups is the parts like microphone that picks up the vibration of the bass strings and transduce to electrical signal.

The sound character also changes depending on the pickups, and Sago sometimes changes the pickups after the guitar or bass is completed in order to achieve the ideal sound.

The L(x) Lite SS4 on the Seed Derashi Custom is a soap bar single-type pickup.

These pickups are also manufactured at our cooperate factory based on the recipe of the Sago ver..

While the general JazzBass type pickup has the pole piece aligned parallel to the strings, “SS-type pickup, usually called “Big single pickup”, have the pole pieces arranged at an angle.

This changes the way to pick up sound, bringing the sound firmly forward and creating a three-dimensional sound.


The controls are 2 volume & 1 tone same as JazzBass type.
You can create sounds with familiar operations.


Please refer to the sound of Seed Dearshi Custom as under YouTube video.

7.Last comment

The model has the body of Jaguar type including full of technique of Sago.
We have realized the reasonable price as Seed ver. that is for the student and the beginner of the instruments.