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We have produced so many custom models that is based on “Sago Kirin”.

We will introduce you “Seed Kirin” that is the artist model of Mr. Shin Ohmura (WagakkiBand: Mr. Machiya).

On YouTube, Mr. Ohmura explains in Japanese.↓

Sago stuff also explains Seed Kirin and Seed Shinra – Haku -.↓

1.What is Seed Kirin?

Seed is our brand for the student of the guitar and bass.
It has idea from the artists that use our instruments.

The design & specification are directed by the artists. 

It is manufactured in quantity at our trusted factory in China.
It reached the reasonable price.

To reproduce the detail spec. of the artist model, we discuss carefully with prototype.
After the products are arrived at our factory, our staffs inspect one at a time.

On the day of arrival the products, Mr. Ohmura has checked the play ability as the finally inspection.

And Seed Kirin is the second model of Mr. Ohmura as Seed brand.
The long neck is adapted same as the first model “Seed Kotetsu”.

2.A Little long Neck

The greatest feature point of Seed Kirin is a little long neck.

Scale: 705mm(26F) is the special neck that means 24 frets of general guitar (628mm, medium scale) plus 2 frets at the low side.

Open strings tuning (6–->1 string)
General guitar: E/A/D/G/B/E
Seed Kirin: D/G/C/F/A/D

It is possible to sound 2 frets lower than general guitar.

Mr. Ohmura plays with capotasto so he changes the tuning speedy on the stage.

Capotasters are generally used on acoustic guitars and other instruments that are tuned up in order to use the open strings effectively.

Seed Kirin can be the tuning as under because of adding 2 frets at the low side.

・Whole tone down turing without capotasto
・Half down tuning on the 1 fret
・Reguilar tuning on the 2 fret

It is possible to change to whole down or half down tuning to loosen the string in general guitar.
But loose string tension makes it difficult to play and has harmful effects.

In case of Seed Kirin, it is possible to change the tuning moving capotasto only so you can play lower sound with the tight tension of the strings. 

2.Wood material

One topic when selecting a guitar is wood material.
Wood is selected from various perspectives that is a fundamental material for sound and playability directly to feel the neck. 

The body back material is Mahogany.

Mahogany is one of the standard material for the body.
It has good low-middle tone and sticky sound.

We adapt it because it is good match with the humbacker pickups.

The body top material is Wenge.
This is same as Sago ver.

The outer circumference of body top is proceeded reverse R.
The wood of the body back is visible when the guitar is viewed from the front.

And the body end is proceeded into a half-moon shape.
You can adjust in two position on leg when the guitar is played vertically.

The neck material is Hard maple.

Hard maple is also standard material of the neck.
It has enough hardness and durability for a little long neck of Seed Kirin. 

The fingerboard material is Rosewood.
Rosewood is also standard material for fingerboard.
It is hard. Thats sound is darker than maple.

Mr. Ohmura plays various style for example shedding or guitar slap.
To be fast sound, these hard wood materials are adapted for neck and fingerboard material.

All wood material are standard and honest.
It would be perfect for beginner of the guitar.


The pickups is the parts like microphone that picks up the vibration of the guitar strings and transduce to electrical signal.

Pickups are one of the factor of the guitar sound.
There are various style for example single coil, humbacker and etc..
The sound is also changed due to the wire of the coil, pole piece, winding coil and its number of turns.

To be the requested guitar sound after completion of the guitar,
the first thing to consider is replacement of the pickups.
So it is an important part.

The Pickups of Seed Kirin are Twin rail Humbacker sized single coil.

A normal Humbacker Pickup is shape like this.

L(x)Lite Kirin Twin Rail is half size.

As for the sound trend, the rise of the sound is fast for a humbucker and the reverberation of the sound is clear.
To produce a heavy bass sound when driving, the coil is wired to the limit.
Increasing the number of turns makes the output more powerful, and the sound is less blurred even when deeply distorted.

Guitarist:Mr. Kaga Manabe plays and explains on YouTube Video↓

Our staff also plays same phrase by deferent pickup position↓

These pickups are mounted at neck position and bridge position.


Controls are Master Volume, Tone, Pickup selector and coil tap switch.

Coil tap is one of the function of the humbacker pickups.

The humbacker pickup is composed 2 coils per one unit.
When coil tap switch is “On”, it is possible to sound by one coil.

You can play sharp and tight tone look like single coil pickup.

As the result, there are 6 sound variations.

①Neck pickup only
②Bridge pickup only
③Both tone of neck and bridge pickups

【Coil Tap “On”】
④Neck pickup only
⑤Bridge pickup only
⑥Both tone of neck and bridge pickups

The controls are designed to be easy to understand for new guitar players and to allow them to enjoy a variety of sound characters.

※Piezo pickup that is mounted at Sago ver. is not including.

5.Locking Tremoro

Locking Tremoro is adapted for the bridge of Seed Kirin.

Playing with the arm is essential for lead guitarists, as it allows them to swing the sound, color the sound in guitar chord work, and boldly change the pitch when playing hard guitar solos.

Since the guitar strings are tuned to change pitch using the tension of the springs installed in the back of the body, the string expansion and contraction can cause the normal tremolo unit to go out of tune after arming.

This locking bridge makes it difficult to go out of tune, even when arming heavily, since the strings are secured at the nut side.

It might be more difficult to replace the guitar strings than normal bridge.
We explain replacement method as under video.

6.Replaceable with Seed Kotetsu neck

It is good news for users of the previous model Seed Kotetsu.

The neck joint is designed the same for Seed Kotetsu and Seed Kirin.
This allows the neck to be interchangeable between these two models.

Seed Kotetsu: 5-fret extended neck at the low side(29 fret) (tuning:B/E/A/D/F#/B)

Seed Kirin : 2-fret extended neck at the low side(26 fret) (tuning:D/G/C/F/A/D)

Seed Kotetsu can produce the same range as a 7-string guitar and Low-B for low end.
But Mr. Ohmura himself said that the long neck makes it difficult to play.

Otherwise, in custom order at Sago, we often have received the request 2 fret plus neck at low side.

By this neck replacement,

“I don’t really need to get to Low-B, but would like to install a 2-fret extended neck and play casually with the Seed Kotetsu pickup layout.”

Or, on the contrary

“I would like to put a 5-fret extended neck on Seed Kirin to play a tight and powerful Low-B sound.”

You can custom the above.

7.Last comment

Seed Kirin with a lot of attention to detail.

We also sell our products on overseas websites.

The release of Seed Kirin was largely due to the popularity of the Seed Kotetsu that is rare 5 fret extended neck.

The only way to get a low-B sound was to use a 7-string guitar or down-tune it, but with the advent of Seed Kotetsu, it has become popular to produce a heavy bass sound on the guitar.

Seed Kirin’s 2-fret extended neck does not produce heavy bass to Low-B, but it is sure to broaden the range of guitar playing.

We hope that fans of WagakkiBand as well as those who want to start playing guitar, those who normally play bass but want to try guitar, and those who are looking for a useful guitar for musical production will definitely play Seed Kirin.