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We are pleased to announce our new product “Seed Shinra -Haku- that is artist model of Mr. Sojiro Oki of Novelbright guitarist.
Novelbright is 5 pieces rock band in Japan.

Seed Shinra – Haku – is released

Sago Shinra is 四季 Shiki,

百式 Hyakushuki

風神 Fujin


雷神 Raijin


龍神 Ryujin

We will explain this as under.

Demonstration Movie by Mr. Oki.↓

Sago Stuff also explains Seed Shinra – Haku – and Seed Kirin.↓

1.What is Seed Shinra – Haku -?

Seed is our brand for the student of the guitar and bass.
It has idea from the artists that use our instruments.

The design & specification are directed by the artists. 
It is manufactured in quantity at our trusted factory in China.
It reached the reasonable price.

After the products are arrived at our factory, our staffs inspect one at a time.
On the day of arrival the products, Mr. Oki has checked the play ability as the finally inspection.

And Seed Shinra – Haku – is an artist model of Sojiro Oki.
The design was based on his request for a JM type with 24 fret specifications, and was designed more to his liking.

Each section has its own particular points of interest, so we will introduce them one by one.

2.Body shape based on JazzMaster

The JazzMaster type (JM type) body is a major point of interest for Shinra.

Sago has been ordered many JM-type guitars, and Mr. Oki also likes the JazzMaster shape.

One of the requests was for a guitar with custom parts that are not available in the JM type.

It was decided that 24 fret specification would be best for the lead guitar so that it could be played in a wide range.

The cutaway is designed to be deeper, as the Classic Style JM shape makes it difficult to access the high position.

Since a deeper cutaway would have upset the overall balance, we adjusted the position of the nips and the shape of the hips to improve both appearance and balance, and designed an original model called Shinra.


The pickups is the parts like microphone that picks up the vibration of the guitar strings and transduce to electrical signal.

Pickups are one of the factor of the guitar sound.
There are various style for example single coil, humbacker and etc..
The sound is also changed due to the wire of the coil, pole piece, winding coil and its number of turns.

To be the requested guitar sound after completion of the guitar,
the first thing to consider is replacement of the pickups.
So it is an important part.

The difference between the regular JM type and Seed Shinra – Haku – is this pickup type and its layout.

JM Type : L(x) JM × 2

Seed Shinra – Haku – :
L(x)Lite LST Custom × 2,
L(x)Lite LHB Custom × 1

Neck PU: Single coil(S)
Middle PU: Single coil(S)
Bridge PU: Humbacker(H)

The pickup layout is called “SSH”.

Shinra -Shiki-, -Hyakushiki-, and -Ryujin- are equipped with this SSH, and it is one versatile specification that can be used in a variety of situations, from sweet-toned arpeggios and crisp strumming to hard driven backing and lead guitar.

The pickups themselves are modern in character and have moderate power.

Like Sago’s Sonia, it is a versatile and easy to control sound that can be used in any genre.

4.Wood Material

One topic when selecting a guitar is wood material.
Wood is selected from various perspectives that is a fundamental material for sound and playability directly to feel the neck. 

The body material is Alder.

It has a straightforward sound, with a good middle and a sticky sound.
In many cases, descriptions of other woods use alder as the standard.

It is also a stable and popular wood for customer orders.

The neck material is Hard Maple.

Hard maple, that is used as neck material not only for Seed but also for step up brand “Stem” and custom ordere brand “Sago”, is hard and strong.

The scale is 648mm regular scale (Fender scale).

The neck is satin finished and very easy to play.

The neck of Mr. Oki’s guitar is slightly thicker than usual in order to create a firm sound from the neck, and the Seed Shinra – Haku – replicates that grip.

The fingerboard material is also Hard Maple.

The standard material for fingerboard is also Rosewood.
Hard Maple sounds brighter than Rosewood and has clear sound.

All wood material are standard and honest.
It would be perfect for beginner of the guitar.


The controls are simple Master Volume, Tone and Pickup selecter (5 way switch).
Three types of SSH pickups are switched by 5-way switch to create the sound.

①Neck PU
②Neck PU & Middle PU
③Middle PU
④Middle PU & Bridge PU
⑤Bridge PU

To close to the neck, the sound becomes milder and to close the bridge, the sound becomes.

In this video, Mr. Oki plays the guitar only switching 5 way switch.
You can listen to him in practical playing.↓

And Sago stuff also plays same phrase with deferent pickup position.↓

A single coil by itself generates noise depending on the amp settings, but with Both Tone, the noise of the two PUs cancel each other out and the noise is reduced.

6.Gold Parts

The same white body and maple neck combination as Shinra – Shiki – with gold parts for a luxurious feel.

The pegs that wind the guitar strings, the bridge, the screws holding the pick guard and the strap pins are gold parts.

Gold parts are more expensive than silver parts, but we did our best to create the long-awaited Seed Shinra – Haku – this time.

7.Digging into pick guard

The white pearl pickguard has Haku and Mugi carvings.

It is familiar with them because they have been on the picks and straps we have released.

8.Last comment

Novelbright fans as well as those looking for a 24 fret JazzMaster type guitar, please consider this.

We would be very happy if more people start playing guitar with Seed Shinra – Haku.