NAMM SHOW 2024 Bass Model

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Sago will exhibit at NAMM SHOW 2024 as we did last year.
Therefore, this blog will focus on the bass show model, Prime Edge5.

1.About Prime Edge

Prime Edge is Concept Model of Sago.

With its boldly necked body, large pole-piece pickups, and LED position markings, this bass has a flashy look and powerful sound that looks great on stage.

We have renewed Prime Edge as we have not seen much of it in recent years.

2.Fire pattern wrap painting

The greatest feature of this Prime Edge5 is its fire patterned wrap painting.

The fire was colored with Sago’s wrap painting: Volcano.

There are flames in the front and in the back, which were masked and lap painted in two time.

The black background is mixed with a little gold to create a shimmering impression when illuminated.

The pickup covers are also wrap painted Black Widow.

The design was appropriate for the United States, the home of guitar shows.


Pickups are a major part of the Prime Edge renewal.

The large pole piece is wound separately for the 5th to 4th strings and the 3rd to 1st strings.

It is equipped with two PUs in a similar configuration to the Precision Bass.

This pickup has been used on the Ove and Classic Style J. It has a large output and combines the power of the bass with the punch of the treble.

The split construction also means that when the neck PU or bridge PU is played only, it does not generate noise like a JazzBass PU (single coil).

Incidentally, since the PU counterbore size is standardized, other pickups such as SS PU and EP PU can be mounted without additional counterbore processing.

It used to be equipped with two MM type PUs, but we think it has updated into a more original sound.

4.Wood Material

The body material is alder.

Neck material is hard maple 3P due to the angled head.

The fingerboard material is Macassar Ebony.

The wood selections this time were mainly standard woods, but it can be changed to achieve the desired sound and look when ordered.

Ash with distinctive road pipe design

Chestnut with clear sound etc..

Sago’s wood warehouse is stocked with a wide variety of Materials, from standard Materials to Sago’s most popular Japanese wood materials.

For more information, please click here↓

5.4 Band EQ

Previous control of Prime Edge was  3 Band EQ & Mid Frequency.

Because of the wide range of frequencies that Mid Frequency can handle, it is difficult to control the appropriate frequency if you are not familiar with it, which may have made sound creation difficult.

So, 4 Band EQ (Low, Low-Mid, High-Mid & High) is equipped from this model.

Please think of it as the 2 Band EQ (Low/High) on the Sago Ove with Low-Mid and High-Mid added.

To use it, first use Low to adjust the thickness and strength of the low sound, such as the open 4th string, and then use High to adjust the shimmer and touch of the high tone.

Then, use Low-Mid and High-Mid to adjust the sound release and the sense of sound pushout.

Sago’s original active circuit has power just by passing it through, even without boost.

It is designed to be audio-like and without much character addition.

Although the 4 Band EQ has a fixed frequency, it is easy to use and recommended as a tool for creating a wide range of sounds.


Please click here to listen to the actual sound↓

The previous Prime Edge was equipped with two MM-type PUs, which gave the impression of high sound pressure and a loud sound.

The Prime Edge, this time with the LPSP PU mounted, has similar sparkling highs and thick bass, but with a slightly more subdued sound character.

The PU itself has power, and because it is run through an active circuit, the sound remains powerful even when the balancer is swung to one side of the PU.

The sound can be created in a mellow or aggressive direction while maintaining its powerful nature.

And Sago builder’s special fire pattern is painted on the wrap.

It will definitely stand out at the NAMM SHOW!

7.Last Commnet

In addition to this base, Seed Derashi Custom will be also exhibited.

I look forward to seeing the reactions from people overseas.

The NAMM SHOW 2024 is just around the corner, and we will do our best to make it a great success.

We will also be uploading a video of the event on YouTube.
Please look forward to it.