NAMM SHOW 2024 Guitar Model

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Sago will exhibit at NAMM SHOW 2024 as we did last year.
Therefore, this Blog focuses on the guitar’s show model, Ymir7.


Ymir is the Concept Model of Sago.

Like Fender’s Super Stratcaster, this model with 24 fret is designed for technical guitarists.

Ymir that is renewed a few years ago and we have received their custom orders is one of Sago’s most popular models.

This time, we have created a special one as a show model.
The points are explained one by one.

2.Carbon Neck for 7 strings guitar with 24 fret

Carbon necks are produced by Sumimaru Guitar, and are mass-produced with limited specifications such as grip shape, etc.
However, we have now added a carbon neck for a 7 string guitar with 24 fret which has been requested by many customers, to our lineup.

The greatest feature of the carbon neck is that it is not affected by climatic changes at all, and the best neck condition can be maintained at all times.

In the case of a wood material, even after the instrument is completed, the neck will move (bend) as the wood absorbs and expels moisture.

Even though artificially force dried thermwood is resistant to environmental changes, the neck will never move.
Carbon has no such concerns, and its greatest feature is that it continues to maintain the neck condition once set.

It also has a truss rod in place as well as a wood neck.
It is possible to adjust the string height and fine-tune the neck condition (straight, slightly forward warped, etc.).

The frets are adapted rigid stainless steel, and the side position markings are standard equipped Luminlay that glows in the dark.

To avoid the cold, rugged image of conventional resin necks, the weight is matched to that of wood neck.

In addition, the hollow construction of the neck allows it to sound like wood material.
Those who use a 7 string guitar with 24 fret often have a technical playing style, such as fast playing and tapping.

Therefore, the setting around the neck is critical, and keeping it in good condition is keypoint.
By introducing a carbon neck, you can obtain a stable and easy-to-play condition.

2.Pauling Art

Painting is Sago’s new challenge in pauling art.

The colors do not mix with each other, and the fluidity of the liquid is utilized in this design.

The blue center creates the image of being in the sea.

Following last year’s Sago Sonia collaboration with K’z Guitar Works, we think it made a great impact as a show model.

The painting is typical of Sago’s flexible approach to new materials and ideas.


A new challenge for the pickguard is the metal carving design!

Since the polling art represented the inside of the ocean, we asked the artist to draw a whale swimming gracefully in it.

Sago’s New Idea is a guitar part that can be dressed up or down, and it is a pickguard to which pickups and contols are attached.

4.Pickups & Controls

Sago continues to experiment with guitar PUs.

Pickup recipe and coil tap placement have been revised.

First, for the humbucker PUs on the neck and bridge sides, we chose Alnico 5 magnets for the coils that produce sound when coil-tapped and Alnico 2 magnets for the coils that do not produce sound, so that there would be no volume difference when the coils are tapped.

The larger the magnet number, the stronger the magnetic force and the greater the output.

Also, both the neck PU and the bridge PU are neck side coils to prevent the sound from becoming too hard when coil-tapped.

Controls consist of Master Volume, Tone, 5 Way Switch, and On/Off Switch for the middle position single coil PU.

5 way switch

①Neck position: Neck PU (HB)
②Between neck and middle position :Neck PU (Coil Tap)
③Middle position: Neck PU (HB) & Bridge PU (HB)
④Between middle and bridge position: Bridge PU (Coil Tap)
⑤Bridge position :Bridge PU (HB)

So there are 5 patterns, and with the addition of a single coil PU in the middle position, a total of 10 different tones can be played.

A humbucker PU for hard riffs and aggressive lead guitar, and a single coil PU and coil tap for shimmering arpeggios and bright clean tones.
It assists guitarists with a rich variety of sounds for various situations and easy-to-understand controls.

You can compare the difference in sound by switching PUs as under video.

5.Wood Material, Wood Working

The body back material is basswood.

Basswood is characterized by its straightforward sound with no quirks. The wood itself does not have many sonic characteristics, making it suitable for straightening out the characteristics of other parts such as pickups.

Because of its softness, oil finishes and other ultra-thin coatings are not suitable for its strength.
Because it is relatively light among the materials used for musical instruments, hard, heavy maple is applied to the body top to prevent the core of the sound from becoming blurred.

And the joint part is a 4 point bolt on joint without a plate.
Heel processing for smooth playing in high position.

The rounded joints look beautiful and feel comfortable.

6.Comparison with regular spec Ymir7.

We compared a regular spec Ymir7 and a NAMM SHOW model Ymir7 with the same PU position and playing.

Comparison of Neck and Fingerboard material

Reguilar Spec.
Neck material: Light thermo maple
Fingerboard material: Rick lite
※ Carbon support rods available

The NAMM SHOW model Ymir7 is made of carbon for both the neck and fingerboard.

The carbon neck provides a more even sound from bass to treble, and the bass sound is clearer than with a wood neck.

When creating a deeply distorted sound, the bass can become bloated.

But with a carbon neck, the sound can be tight with just the right amount of bass.

Since this is a 7 string guitar, the mass of the neck is higher than that of a 6 string guitar, and it is clear that the different neck material changes the sound character of the guitar.

The carbon neck also uses stainless steel for frets to increase rigidity.
Because of this, the attack is stiff and the phrases are easy to feel clearly.

Guitarists who use 7 string guitars have a technical playing style and create sounds with precision using guitar Amplifiers, Pedal-effects, and peripheral equipment in total.

Ymir7 with the carbon neck  has a straightforward sound for a guitar.

The output of the pickups themselves was previously set to a high output to create a solid core sound even when deeply distorted, but now it has been adjusted to a moderate output like Sonia’s to create a versatile sound ranging from clean to crunch to hard drive sounds.

And we also tried Polling Art paint job and pickguard with metal carving design as a show model.
We hope you will take a close look at it, and look forward to seeing it at the home of the guitar show.
We are looking forward to seeing them at the guitar show.

7.Last comment

Seed Kirin, Seed Shinra – Haku -, Seed Kotetsu & Seed Kotetsu will also be exhibited.

The NAMM SHOW 2024 is just around the corner,
We will do our best to make the show a great success.

We will also be uploading a video of the event on YouTube.
Please look forward to it.